Web Design

We have the experience
and versatility to create
everything from a simple,
clean and professional
design to a trendy and
imaginative work of art.




We build websites that are specifically designed to be
fast and simple to navigate,
clear to read and easy to
operate on smartphones and
other handheld devices.




Site Analysis
Link Building





When you're ready to move
your online presence to
the next level, we're ready
to consult with you and
collaboratively formulate
a strategy that can reap
the rewards of these efforts.

We offer economical advertising, marketing and web design solutions for small businesses.

Let us help to maximize online and offline
opportunities to grow your business.

Unlike many traditional website service companies, who place their emphasis on technology, our wealth of real world business experience lends a unique depth and perspective to our ability to advise and guide our clients in a direction, which is "audience driven", first and foremost aimed at meeting the needs of their customer base and maximizing their business' sales and marketing opportunities.


About Us

Founded in 2005, Pocono Advertiser is a boutique advertising agency specializing in the marketing and promotion of online business operations. Whether your business is primarily conducted online, or if your online presence is mainly to support your brick and mortar operation, we can work with you to design and implement effective sales strategies.


Why Choose us?

Our team's experience runs the range from computer systems operations and software engineering; web design; site development; and site administration; to expertise in business operations; credit and collections; customer service; sales and marketing.

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TELEPHONE: 570-851-5163
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